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Friday, September 29, 2006

tons of material

now we are collecting and organising the material we brought from sarajevo and mostar. there are photos, videos and more stuff from our friends we're going to publish in the next days on the blog and the website. so just check the site and the blog again.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

home again

back in berlin we are still a little bit dazed and confused by all the impressions, stories, friends, and by the 22 hour car drive... The trip to Sarajevo and Mostar was wonderful - we really enjoyed watching the documentary with so many and so different people, and we hope that the sticker mania will continue in full force.. send us pics from your mobile phones wherever you plant the stickers!!

Finally, we'd like to thank a lot of people who supported and helped us during the last week and the last months of preperation - they were crucial for the project and without them, it wouldn't have been half as much fun... Thank you: Anne, Christiana, Sena, Boris, Oliver, Alen, Aline, Sandi, Dragan, Kristijan, Bojana and of course a big thank you to everyone who joined in the sticker madness...

love from Berlin!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


yesterday we had two screenings of the documentary: one in mostar at the film klub mostar OKC abrasevic and another at citypub in sarajevo. the OKC abrasevic youth center (http://www.okcabrasevic.org) in mostar has a similar story to dom mladih but with a better end to this point - it was destroyed during the war - there is a really motivated crew that rebuilt it and opened it up again.

we also continued with the stickermania (one of the street-art-projects) in sarajevo and in mostar. here you can see the work in progress of the handmade stickers. And the results in the streets.

today is the last chance to view the film with us before we leave sarajevo: if the weather ist fine - there is gonna be a screening at dom mladih around 8h. So we hope to see you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


yesterday we started the lovely sarajevo foto safari:
so far 50 kids came to kino bosna to grab a camera - today we will
collect most of the cameras, and it is still possible to join the safari
until we leave for berlin next week.

we showed the film in club bock between the concerts yesterday night,
a lot of people where around and saw it, we had a long night
with a good party there!

tonight we will have a fireshow in front of city pub at about 20.15h and will show
the film right after it - so just be around there after dark! there will be a
concert afterwards - maybe we`ll show the film a second time later.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

streetart & more

at the height of the electional campaigns in bosnia, there are some posters around in sarajevo that dont fit the usual image of voting-advertisement - without any of the obvious messages, we are hoping to make some people wonder a bit or think about what it could be. the first picture shows gerrits foto-series from revival 2005 in front of dom mladih. we had to put this set in front of the building because the administration of dom mladih denied hanging the posters in the windows of the youth house.

but at last we got all small problems solved and hung five series at the hotspots of the city where they are hopefully gonna stay for a while. The second picture shows the posters on the mainroad entering sarajevo - opposite the "holiday inn".

yesterday we had the first screening of the documentary at kino bosna - todo un exito; today will be the second screening. so if u havent been to see it yesterday u are invited to club bock/fis this evening. the screening at dom mladih is postponed to tuesday, we are gonna keep u informed when we have everything confirmed.

also the workshops started and we`re gonna present the first results here or on the webpage soon...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

get started

we are leaving berlin in this moment! the car
is packed & we have ants in our pants...

see you down there!


ps: we have some new dates fixed:


screenings of the revival 2005 documentary:

22.09. 20h kino bosna
23.09. 18h FIS/club bock - concerts & afterfilm party
24.09. 21h outdoor screening on dom mladih: !! postponed to tuesday !!
25.09. 19h film klub mostar OKC abrasevic
(Alekse Santica 25, mostar)

there will be short clips screened at city pub & buybook during the whole weekend. we will keep you up to date here and at our webpage about new dates and times and places that are not yet confirmed...

you will find big portraits from revival 2005 guests in 5 places around town

we invite you to join our weekend workshops:

22.09.-24.09. recording & mixing workshop
22.09.-24.09. guerilla street art and photo safari (club bock / kino bosna)
24.09. 18h-21h firedance workshop

everyone who is interested in sarajevo photo safari please come to the kino bosna
on saturday 23.09. at 14h! you can get your camera there!

for more informations or any questions feel free to mail: play@this-is.org

Monday, September 18, 2006

first media response

we got the first media response to our project at the website jetzt.de from the major newspaper süddeutsche in germany. gerrit gave them an interview about the project last week so we hope for more visitors at our webpages and for a bit of promotion of the project.

u can find the interview here: http://jetzt.sueddeutsche.de/texte/anzeigen/337897

Watch > short clip number 1 <

The film team of THIS IS, is right now working hard to finish the documentary before we leave for Sarajevo - and we are very much looking forward to present it to all of you :-)

Last night Danica and I exportet small video clips "Segments of Revival" - (the name of our documentary) which you are able to watch here:



here are the other segments:


Sunday, September 17, 2006

le bloque launch from berlin

still in berlin & copenhagen we are happy to have our blog online!
it is a space for us (which includes YOU!) to keep everybody informed about
what is happening & to document our trip and it`s results a little.
we will do our best to keep it lively & nice, and we hope that you will as well.

on our last trips to sarajevo we met lots of people, and made many friends
from all over europe and the rest of the world. we can use this here as a
link between all of us who are interested in cultural exchanges between
sarajevo/bosnia and wherever.

use it as a bulletin board for exhibitions, concerts or any activities that
you'd like to see published here.
we can put up a link to your website or project, publish
pictures or films, texts and music.

using the this-is:blog is simple: just leave a comment to any posting by
going to "comments", or post your own topics by sending an email to:


if you want to post regularly or if you want to publish any media just drop
us a line here and we will open an account for you or load your stuff up