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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


If you live in Copenhagen, you should turn on your telly the 4th of June from 23 - 24, where the local TV-program SESE-TV will show the documentary Revival + interviews with a.o. Danica Curcic and Kirsten Astrup.

If you do not live in Copenhagen or eventually do not have a television, it will later be possible to watch it at the homepage www.tv-tv.dk



Balkan Film Festival #2

Sunday the 20th of April 2008 Revival was shown at the Balkanfilmfestival #2 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Before showing the film, Danica Curcic and Kirsten Astrup talked about how and why the film was made - and also compared the youth house "Dom Mladih" in Sarajevo with the youth house "Ungdomshuset" in Copenhagen. It's two very different things that barely can be compared. 

The Balkanfilmfestival was organized by "Balkangruppen" in Amnesty International and was a great succes: Lots of people attended and enjoyed 5 days of films (documentaries, fiction and animation), lectures, concerts and superb parties. 

It all took place 16th - 20th of April in "Huset i Magstræde" in the center of Copenhagen. 

Next time, the festival will probably travel to Helsinki.