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Saturday, September 23, 2006

streetart & more

at the height of the electional campaigns in bosnia, there are some posters around in sarajevo that dont fit the usual image of voting-advertisement - without any of the obvious messages, we are hoping to make some people wonder a bit or think about what it could be. the first picture shows gerrits foto-series from revival 2005 in front of dom mladih. we had to put this set in front of the building because the administration of dom mladih denied hanging the posters in the windows of the youth house.

but at last we got all small problems solved and hung five series at the hotspots of the city where they are hopefully gonna stay for a while. The second picture shows the posters on the mainroad entering sarajevo - opposite the "holiday inn".

yesterday we had the first screening of the documentary at kino bosna - todo un exito; today will be the second screening. so if u havent been to see it yesterday u are invited to club bock/fis this evening. the screening at dom mladih is postponed to tuesday, we are gonna keep u informed when we have everything confirmed.

also the workshops started and we`re gonna present the first results here or on the webpage soon...


Anonymous Mery said...

Your campaign is really cool and I would like to meet you people. I'm from the beginning (2004.) a part of this big project : "Reconstruction of the Youth House Skenderija". As a PR person I worked on this hole campaign with the 5 norwegian girls who brought the idea to organize REVIVAL 2005. To make it short, I would like to meet you - the organizers of this activity, and I would also like to have an exemplar of one of this posters (because I'm on one of them. I'm the one with the black-rosa t-shirt and jeans skirt).

Here is my e-mail:

Hope to hear from you soon:)


Blogger Miguel said...

u can reach gerrit (the fotografer) or eva at 00387 622 532 72 or 00387 622 532 71. this afternoon we are going to mostar to show the film over there, but there is another projection tomorrow at Dom Mladih at evening (if everything works) - would be nice to see u there.


Blogger marlene said...

Hallo ihr Lieben, Eure Seite sieht großartig aus, die Fotostrecke ist toll, schade, daß ich sie nicht live sehen kann...Freu mich auf die Ausstellung in Berlin, viele Grüße, Marlene


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