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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Du Monde Aux Balkans 2006

A message from Ben in Grenoble:

In the week between November 12th and 19th, Carte blanche au Film Klub de Mostar and Association Drugi Most came together to bring us Du Monde Aux Balkans 2006.
Here in Grenoble, France, a bus load of people from all accross the former Yugoslavia arrived in order to join in this cultural festival. The "Revival" film was presented in a cinema on the 16th of November before a large audience. Because of the focus on public spaces and their relationship to institutions, the film proved to be right on key to add important issues from Sarajevo to the table of discussions. After seeing the film, many people inquired about how individuals could personally get involved in this effort of bringing Dom Mladih back to the youth. This festival has brought people from around the world to engage in stimulating discussions regarding essential issues.

For more information contact:

Association Drugi Most, un autre pont vers les Balkans
15 rue Georges Jacquet - 38000 Grenoble France
Tel/Fax : 04 38 21 05 15 / 04 76 48 49 85
e-mail : drugimost@free.fr

Monday, November 13, 2006

Molim - call for designers

AND another interesting project we'd like to announce:

"Everyone needs good clothes. Srebrenica needs business. Young designers need a job. MOLIM is a clothing label designed by young designers in Scandinavia and produced by tailors in Srebrenica.

“MOLIM” means “thank you” and “please” in Bosnian. The word is used in just about every occasion, just like the clothes can be. MOLIM collections will be different every season as two new, young; Scandinavian, undiscovered and unemployed designers get picked to design every collection.

The designers are free to design what they want as long as they follow the basic rules of the MOLIM design manifesto. The management in cooperation with design consultants, the board and the MOLIM web community, writes a new manifesto every season. The manifests will always describe classic clothes, but by using different colors, fabric, styles etc.

There is a contest before every collection where the two designers for the next season get picked out. The contest can take place in different forms every season.


Makes good clothes.
Boosts scandinavian fashion design.
Creates employment and business in Srebrenica"

(The team from This is. is very much looking forward to the first collection of Molim as it is very cold here in Berlin and we basically need all the clothes we can get hold of, especially when they are beautiful, as they will surely be.)

Balkan Black Box Festival

For everyone interested in film, music, literature etc from and about South East Europe, we'd like to announce a very interesting festival here in Berlin, taking place from November 17th to 25th:

Balkan Black Box

The programme of the festival, now in its 8th year, features more than 40 films, many competitions, concerts, readings, exhibitions and debates, this year focussing on the so-called culture of remembrance.

Looks like it's going to be a very busy week...