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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Balkan Film Festival Helsinki

The 12th of October our documentary "Revival " was presented at the Balkan Film Festival in Helsinki organized by Amnesty International Finland. We will soon receive details about the event.


Festival guests waiting for the screening of "Revival" in Copenhagen.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


If you live in Copenhagen, you should turn on your telly the 4th of June from 23 - 24, where the local TV-program SESE-TV will show the documentary Revival + interviews with a.o. Danica Curcic and Kirsten Astrup.

If you do not live in Copenhagen or eventually do not have a television, it will later be possible to watch it at the homepage www.tv-tv.dk



Balkan Film Festival #2

Sunday the 20th of April 2008 Revival was shown at the Balkanfilmfestival #2 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Before showing the film, Danica Curcic and Kirsten Astrup talked about how and why the film was made - and also compared the youth house "Dom Mladih" in Sarajevo with the youth house "Ungdomshuset" in Copenhagen. It's two very different things that barely can be compared. 

The Balkanfilmfestival was organized by "Balkangruppen" in Amnesty International and was a great succes: Lots of people attended and enjoyed 5 days of films (documentaries, fiction and animation), lectures, concerts and superb parties. 

It all took place 16th - 20th of April in "Huset i Magstræde" in the center of Copenhagen. 

Next time, the festival will probably travel to Helsinki. 


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Revival at the Barga Jazz Club

It's a cold, rainy grey December day - why not hop on a plane to Italy and come and see Revival in Barga, Tuscany, on Sunday, December 9th?

We are pleased to announce that Revival will be shown at the Jazz Club in Barga (Via del Pretorio 23, 55051 Barga) at 9 p.m, Dec 9.

All the best,


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Balkan Film Festival Denmark

Sunday the 16th of September "Revival" will be shown as the opening film of the "Balkan Film Festival" in Århus, Denmark. The festival is organized by Amnesty International and focuses on human rights in the Balkans - mainly Bosnia Herzegovina.
I will be present to answer questions after the showing of the film.

The opening show begins Sunday the 16th September at 13.30.

See the homepage and the full program here:


All the best,

Kirsten L. Astrup

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Revival in Pisa

Dear everybody,

we are proud to be able to present our documentary "Revival" (30 min.) in Pisa, Italy:

You are welcome to show up tomorrow (9th of May 2007) at 9 p.m. in Sala Convegni, Stazione Leopolda Pisa and enjoy the film - now with Italian subtitles :-)

All the best,

Kirsten - documentary team

Monday, April 23, 2007

Revival in Münster

Dear all!

to everyone in, near, or heading to Münster in Germany:
Next Friday, April 27, "Revival" will be presented during the "südOsteuropa - Filmtage" organised by the SouthEast Europe Network LIPA.

The documentary will be shown around 7.30 pm in the „Die Brücke“, Wilmergasse 2, together with other equally wonderful films such as Fatih Akin´s "Crossing the Bridge. The Sound of Istanbul" or the brillant "Kontroll" by Nimrod Antal.

Ticket prices are: one-day ticket 4 €
two-day ticket 7 € (April 27 and 28)

Kommt alle! Kommt in Scharen!